Why I became a Lion?

Debbie Landers

I have been a resident of Churchville for most of my life, graduating from Churchville-Chili High School in 1976.

To be honest, I had “heard” of the Lions Club growing up.  But truthfully all I knew about them was they had a medical loan closet, could install ramps for people in wheelchairs and had a really delicious chicken barbecue dinner.

In 2008 my mother became completely wheelchair bound.  I contacted the Lions Club about installing a ramp to make it easier to get her in and out of the house.  Unfortunately, due to the way my mom’s yard sloped, it could not be done.  The next thing I knew, the Lions Club came to install an electric Lift!  That meant so much to both my mother and I.  Thank God the Lions Club was there.

This year, I decided to attend an orientation for prospective new members.  WOW!!  I had no idea how many events they were involved in, catering different events and sponsoring the Country Fair.  They provide food baskets at holiday times for families in need and collect toys to give to children who are less fortunate.  At every meeting a “lion bank” is passed around with all the proceeds going to the Batavia School for the Blind Penny Bank.  Some of their other events include sponsoring Red Cross Blood drives, the Halloween Parade and party, and an Environmental Clean-up Day to name just a few.

I never realized how busy the Lions Club actually was.  Its members are some of the most caring, compassionate and committed people I have ever met.  They were all so warm and friendly.  I felt very comfortable the minute I walked in to my first meeting.

I became an official member of the Churchville Lions Club on March 25th of this year.  If anyone is looking to give to the community, the Lions Club is the place to start!

Lion Debbie

Pete Neidrauer

In the fall of 1984, with my children finishing their careers in their scouting programs, I had free time for other services.  That is when Bob Panik asked me to attend a Lion’s dinner meeting.  It was a pleasant evening.   I knew several of the members.  Bob explained what the club did for the community.  I do recall wondering about the after dinner social hour and poker game, but this was not part of club activities.  So I participated, but I did not become a Lion until much later.

This happened after the club had completed installing a playground at the Churchville Elementary School.  A daughter of a friend, whose property backs up to the school grounds, came up to me and said, “Thank You for providing the playground for me”.  This made my day and I became a lion.  I have had many similar experiences after this with delivering food baskets, delivering medical loan equipment and finding why the physically disabled kids attend Camp Badger.  Our club fills the needs of our community that would not happen without our club. That is why I remain a lion.

Lion Peter

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