LEO Club Advisors 2015-2016

The Churchville-Chili LEO Club Advisors for school year 2015-2016 are Martin Molinari and Mary Pat Dewey.

Marty Molinari (Mr. M) started the LEO Club in 1997 and has been the club advisor and student mentor since that time.  He is a Life Member of the Churchville Lions Club and recipient of a Melvin Jones Fellowship and a Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award.  In 2007 he was the recipient of a Monroe County Advocate Award.  He has lived in the Churchville community for 41 years and is an active member of the Lions Club and St. Vincent DePaul Church.  A latest endorsement has come from the LEO Club members of the Class of 2015 upon their graduation stating: “Mr M, Joining the LEO Club was one of the best decisions each of us made in our household careers.  LEO Club united us, not only as friends, but as active members of our community.  The tasks we have completed, goals we have achieved and lives we have touched will stay with use always as some of our proudest accomplishments in these integral years of our lives.  For this, we have to thank.  You have left an irreplaceable mark on our lives and in our hearts.”

Mary Pat Dewey

2015-2016 LEO Club Officers:

President            Meagan Arguien (Class of 2016)

Vice-President    Emma Bennett (Class of 2017)

Secretary             Lynne Knuuti (Class of 2016)

Treasurer            Gabrielle Kolmer (Class of 2016)

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