The LEO Club


L  Leadership

E  Experience

O  Opportunity

Who we are?

The Churchville-Chili LEO Club, made up of students in grades 7-12, was started in 1997 and is proudly sponsored by the Churchville Lions Club.  The students engage in a wide variety of fun community service activities as well as joint activities with the Lions Club with a focus on developing leadership skills and promoting growth in individual responsibility.  Meetings are normally held on the first Monday of each month, Senior High room 1118 and Middle School room 2413, with additional meetings dependent on the level of activities applicable that month.  Students are not required to attend meetings but are expected to participate in activities as their schedules permit.  Email contact information for both student and parent/guardian is critical to maintain awareness of the Club activity schedule.  New members are always welcome to joint at any time.  Some students join LEO Club in 11th grade when they discover they need community service hours for graduation.  All say the same thing, “I wish I had joined LEO Club in the 7th grade”.

A membership application form must be signed by both student and parent/guardian.

A field trip permission slip is generally required of most activities.  This required for emergency situations.  It also serves to record community service hours needed for future scholarships and reference purposes.

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